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Digital Advertising that Delivers.

indieNet is the single source network for national, regional and private label product manufacturers to advertise and promote brands throughout all of the large/medium and small/rural markets served by local community grocers.

This program was created by a group of experienced food marketing and advertising professionals that have served community supermarkets, local grocers and industry manufacturers for over 40 years. Our primary focus is to help retailers move from traditional food advertising methods into today’s digital channels to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

indieNet utilizes a patented iP algorithm advertising technology

indieNet patented iP algorithm technology

We have developed a process to reach and connect with millions of consumers and audience segments by delivering ads through one point of contact for in-home, mobile and in-store applications. indieNet™ utilizes a patented iP algorithm advertising technology for digital channels in online, social, mobile and search data to target quality impressions, create consideration and establish customer awareness and engagement with their community grocer.

Our cost-effective digital marketing technology platform and advertising program

leverages millions of community grocery shoppers

across the nation to promote your brands locally.

IndieNet digital marketing technology platform

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